Why YOU should re-elect Justice of the Peace Judge Terri Lynn Johnson!


Dear Voters,

Judge JohnsonThank you for taking the time to visit this web site. Your wanting to learn more about my reasons for seeking re-election is appreciated. Basically I love what I do and I appreciate the opportunity to serve in this capacity. Since taking office in January of 2007, and every day after that, I have worked hard to be innovative, efficient, and the hardest working Judge in the County. I am still committed to efficiency, accountability and working hard every day.

A Judge alone cannot possible handle all the responsibilities of this large office. I have the best staff a public official could ask for. My staff works hard every day processing Civil, Criminal, Juvenile and Collections for the Citizens of Wise County and the State of Texas. This Office strives every day to go above and beyond what we are asked to do.

I look forward to continuing my work with juveniles (the leaders of tomorrow). My re-election can offer these young adults a firsthand opportunity to correct mistakes, while positively impacting their lives.

Thank you for allowing me to hold this wonderful position. It is my hope that when you think of my time as Judge to Wise County and the State of Texas that you have a positive outlook on my service.

Blessings from my heart,